Gift Guide for the whole family 2018

Other than spending time with our loved ones, the next best thing about Christmas is giving them a gift you know they will love and use.  So we have rounded up some bits we know the whole family will use every single day.

What to buy for....

The Instagrammer

Our 500ml marble is the Instragrammers perfect gift for completing flat lays and swelfies (sweaty-gym-selfies, get it?).  These absolutely must be personalised for The Instagrammer and we do that complimentary for you. 

Marble personalised stainless steel water bottle ALOR  ALOR personalised marble reusable coffee cup

The man who has everything

He always has the latest, newest, most expensive things?  He is impossible to buy for.  These quality stainless steel water bottles are high performing.  It will keep his water cold for 24 hours and will fit nicely in the drinks holder in his Bentley.  If you really want to spoil him, the matching coffee cup looks fabulous together.

 Black luxury stainless steel personalised water bottle ALOR  ALOR black personalised plastic free mens water bottle

The Girl Boss

Is your bestie a total girl boss?  Whether she is working it in the Corporate world, a mompreneur or a student.  Drinking water improves concentration and memory and this gift will let her know you are proud of her and help her keep nailing it.

 ladies nude personalised reusable coffee cup girl boss   ladies stainless steel personalised pink reusable ALOR water bottle


We love our nieces, nephews and godchildren endlessly, however we admit they get spoilt rotten over the holidays.  We have a gift that they won't loose all the little plastic pieces to or rot their teeth.  They will be the envy of the classroom with a water bottle that sports their own little unique name.  They are 100% leakproof and BPA free.  Parents will thank you!

 Best kids reusable water bottle for school ALOR BPA plastic free  boys and girls personalised BPA plastic free water bottles with names

The Gym Bunny / Yoga Lover

A whole 750ml of fridge cold water for a whole 24 hours.  We know your gym bunny wouldn't dare leave water by her side for a whole 24 hours without downing it 4 times over, but this large bottle is gorgeous.  It will fit in all gym equipment and won't leak in her gym back.  Make it extra special by personalising it for free.

 Best reusable gym bottle @healthychefsteph personalised   Personalised stainless steel the best instagram gym bottle

The Golfer

This gift is bound to be a hole in one.  Large for water, medium for coffee?

Thermal golf sports water bottle for hot and cold drinks ALOR reusable coffee keepcup matching black personalised water bottle

The Host with the Most

ALOR bottles can be used for hot or cold drinks.  The 750ml can hold a whole bottle of wine.  It will keep water or wine cold for 24 hours so not only will it look fabulous on a dressed table this Christmas, it means your host can sit down and enjoy time with you all.  She will then be the envy at all future picnics and beach days in the summer


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