Promotional Water Bottles for Corporate Gifts or Events

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Whether you are organising an event, rewarding employees or gifting clients, an ALOR Bottle is an eye-catching, quality product that helps fight single-use plastic and sends a strong eco-friendly message.

ALOR Bottles are the UK's number 1 for personalised or branded water bottles and coffee cups. Personalising an ALOR Bottle with your company logo is an effective way of promoting your brand. We can show the world your company values with a high-quality and sustainable gift that your clients and employees with use over and over again.

We are happy to start a partnership with brands that share our values. High standards, aesthetic appeal, innovation and sustainability are our most prominent and inter-industry shareable values. If you feel identified and want to co-brand, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Laser Engraving
We brand your product by laser engraving the logo, which removes the paint back to stainless steel underneath. Colour printing is also available if you prefer.

Discounts are available on orders over 50 units. These can presented with or without our ALOR gift boxes.

We would love to know your ideas, so please email with products(s), colour, quantity and we will test your logo and start the process.

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