How To Look After Your ALOR

To quit single use plastic for as long as possible, ALOR recommends these tips to look after your ALOR bottle:

  • Wash your bottle thoroughly before first use.  Bottle brushes are very good.  We sell a long bottle brush that reaches the bottom but any bottle brush will work fine.
  • Use refrigerated water.  Our bottles keep water cold but only if you use cold water.
  • Replace with fresh water every day.
  • We recommend using water from the fridge but if you keep your bottle in the fridge overnight, leave the lid off.
  • For maximum hot insulation, pre heat the bottle with boiling water for 5 minutes then discard and fill.
  • A simple way to get rid of lingering smell is sterilise the bottle with boiling water or soak in warm soapy water.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight to avoid fading
  • Hand wash only
  • Don't lose it!
  • ALOR Personalised marble water bottle